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Suzhou station step-by-step new technology seminar was successfully held Angke Technology gave a spe

Time:2022-07-08   Visits:1751

On July 7th, SbSTC's step-by-step new technology seminar was grandly opened at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Industrial Park, and it was a hit. The seminar brought together leading enterprises, cutting-edge enterprises, experts and talents and other resources to exchange wisdom, collide with cutting-edge viewpoints, absorb advanced experience, promote trade promotion cooperation, discuss technical implementation plans and share industry cases from different dimensions, and jointly promote the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry. Healthy development and a new chapter.

For ACROVIEW Technology, this is not only an industry feast, but also a harvest trip.


The leader of chip programming - ACROVIEW Technology was invited to attend the forum. Mr. Tang Xiangyi, general manager of sales of the company, delivered a keynote speech on "Technical Challenges and Solutions of Chip Programming" at the meeting, discussing technical implementation solutions in different dimensions in the field of chip programming. and share industry cases.


Mr. Tang Xiangyi, General Manager of Onco Technology Sales, is giving a speech

At the seminar, Mr. Tang Xiangyi, general manager of technical sales of ACROVIEW, firstly introduced ACROVIEW and its programmer products to the audience, especially the company's core product IPS3000, which was favored by many domestic and foreign customers. IPS3000 is a dual-nozzle high-performance automatic burning machine launched by ACROVIEW. It achieves high speed and high efficiency (UPH2500) while taking into account the pick-and-place accuracy and ultra-quietness. The system supports the burning of various extremely small size chip packages. Equipped with 4 powerful ACROVIEW programming core AP8000, the system can be expanded to 32 programming stations at most, and the MES manufacturing execution system makes the whole production process controllable and traceable. ACROVIEW provides customers with efficient and cost-effective Capacity utilization.


IPS3000 automatic burner launched by ACROVIEW Technology

Afterwards, Mr. Tang Xiangyi told everyone about the eMMC, UFS chip detection and programming solutions, as well as automotive, home appliances and other industry solutions. Finally, it is also proposed 1. How to ensure the integrity of data by chip programming? 2. Have you encountered the phenomenon of "empty burning" in the production process, where is the problem? 3. How does the laser marking of the chip ensure that the die will not be damaged? 4. How to deploy the security programming of driverless car chips? He analyzed and answered a series of pain points and problems encountered by customers when waiting for chip programming, and brought you the latest chip programming solutions developed by ACROVIEW for the pain points of the industry.


The industry professionals who participated in the exhibition are listening carefully to the special speech of Oncor

After the topic sharing, industry professionals and interested customers came to the ACROVIEW exhibition area for inquiries and exchanges about the company's related chip programming business. After listening to everyone's questions, the experts in the ACROVIEW exhibition area have always answered and analyzed them.


ACROVIEW Technology Exhibition Area makes the exchange and collision to the end


A strong team of ACROVIEW experts

The one-day technology sharing meeting was successfully concluded, the confusion in my heart was answered, an effective solution was found, and unexpected surprises were harvested... For the chip burning industry, ACROVIEW will continue to dig deep and insist on bringing the latest burning products and services to everyone. ACROVIEW will also follow the pace of the times and never stop, and the independent development of technological innovation will always be on the way.

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