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The Acroview 's programmer supports the 32-bit microcontroller HC32F4A0RIT from HDSC Huada Semi

Time:2023-11-22   Visits:1347

The industry leader in chip programmer, Acroview Technology, recently released the latest programming software update and added support for a list of chip models. Among them, the 32-bit microcontroller HC32F4A0RIT from HDSC Huada Semiconductor has been supported by Acroview's universal programming platform AP8000.


HC32F4A0RIT is based on the ARM® Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC CPU, with a maximum operating frequency of 240MHz, making it a high-performance MCU. The Cortex-M4 core integrates a floating-point unit (FPU) and DSP, enabling single-precision floating-point arithmetic operations, supporting all ARM single-precision data processing instructions and data types, and a complete DSP instruction set. The core integrates an MPU unit and overlays a dedicated DMAC MPU unit to ensure system security during operation.


HC32F4A0RIT integrates high-speed on-chip memory, including a maximum of 2MB of Flash and a maximum of 512KB of SRAM. It also integrates a Flash access acceleration unit, enabling the CPU to execute programs in a single cycle on the Flash. The polling bus matrix supports multiple bus masters simultaneously accessing memory and peripherals, improving operational performance. Bus masters include the CPU, DMA, USB dedicated DMA, and ETHMAC dedicated DMA. In addition to the bus matrix, it supports data transfer between peripherals, basic arithmetic operations, and event triggering, significantly reducing the CPU's transaction processing load.


The HC32F4A0RIT integrates rich peripheral functions. It includes 3 independent 12-bit 2.5MSPS ADCs, 4 adjustable gain PGAs, 4 12-bit 15MSPS DACs, 4 high-speed voltage comparators (CMP), 8 multifunctional PWM timers (Timer6), supporting 16 complementary PWM outputs, 16 high-precision PWMs (HRPWM extends the resolution of Timer6's PWM signal), 3 motor PWM timers (Timer4) supporting 18 complementary PWM outputs, 12 16-bit general timers (TimerA) supporting 6 3-phase orthogonal encoding inputs and 48 independent configurable PWM outputs, 22 serial communication interfaces (I2C/UART/SPI), 1 QSPI interface, 2 CAN, 4 I2S supporting audio PLL, 2 SDIO, 1 ETHMAC, USBFS Controller with built-in USBFS PHY and USBHS Controller, 1 external expansion bus controller, including NFC controller, SMC controller, and DMC controller, 1 digital video interface DVP, 1 mathematical operation unit (MAU), and 4 filtering mathematical accelerators (FMAC).


The HC32F4A0RIT supports a wide voltage range (1.8-3.6V), wide temperature range (-40-105°C), and various low power modes. It supports fast wake-up in low power modes, with a wake-up time as fast as 2us in STOP mode and 25us in Power Down mode.


Typical Applications HC32F4A0RIT is used in high-performance inverter control, digital power, smart hardware, IoT connectivity modules and other fields.



Product Features

• ARMv7-M architecture 32-bit Cortex-M4 CPU, integrated FPU, MPU, supports SIMD instruction DSP, full instruction trace unit ETM, and CoreSight standard debugging unit. The highest operating frequency is 240MHz, achieving 300DMIPS or 825Coremarks computational performance

• Built-in memory

- Up to 2048KByte dual bank Flash memory

- Up to 516KByte SRAM, including 128KByte single-cycle access high-speed RAM

Power, clock, reset management

- System power (Vcc): 1.8-3.6V

- 6 independent clock sources: external main clock crystal (4-25MHz), external sub-clock crystal (32.768kHz), internal high-speed RC (16/20MHz), internal medium-speed RC (8MHz), internal low-speed RC (32kHz), internal WDT dedicated RC (10kHz) - including 15 reset sources including power-on reset (POR), low voltage detection reset (PVD1R/PVD2R), port reset (NRST), each reset source has independent flag bit

Low power operation

- Peripheral functions can be independently turned off or on

- Three low power modes: Sleep, Stop, Power down mode

- VBAT independent power supply supports ultra-low power RTC, 128Byte backup register, 4KByte backup SRAM

Peripheral operation supports significant reduction of CPU processing load

- 16-channel dual-host DMAC

- USBHS, USBFS, Ethernet MAC dedicated DMAC

- 8 data calculation units (DCU)

- Mathematical co-processor unit (MAU), supports Sin/Sqrt

- Supports 16-stage FIR digital filter (FMAC)

- Supports peripheral event inter-trigger (AOS)

High-performance analog

- 3 independent 12-bit 2.5MSPS ADC

- 3 simultaneous sample and hold circuits to achieve 3-channel simultaneous sampling

- 4 independent 12-bit 15MSPS DAC

- 4 programmable gain amplifiers (PGA)

- 4 independent voltage comparators (CMP)

- 1 on-chip temperature sensor (OTS)

• Timer

- 8 multi-functional 32/16-bit PWM Timers (Timer6)

- 16 50ps high-resolution PWMs (HRPWM)

- 3 16-bit motor PWM Timers (Timer4)

- 12 16-bit general Timers (TimerA)

- 4 16-bit general Timers (Timer2)

- 2 16-bit basic Timers (Timer0)

- Real-time clock Timer (RTC)

- 2 WDTs, support internal dedicated clock • Up to 142 GPIOs

- Up to 134 5V-tolerant IOs • Up to 32 communication interfaces

- 10 USARTs, support ISO7816-3 protocol

- 6 SPIs

- 6 I2Cs, support SMBus protocol

- 4 I2Ss, built-in audio PLL

- 2 SDIOs, support SD/MMC/eMMC formats

- 1 QSPI, support 240Mbps high-speed access (XIP)

- 2 CANs, support CAN2.0B, highest support CAN FD

- 2 USB 2.0, support HS, FS, built-in FS PHY, support Device/Host

- 1 10/100M Ethernet MAC, support dedicated DMA, IEEE 1588-2018 PTP, MII/RMII interface

• External Memory Controller EXMC

- Support static Memory controller

- Support dynamic Memory controller

• Data encryption function



Functional Block Diagram


Acroview Technology's independently developed AP8000 universal programmer includes three main parts: the host, the baseboard, and the adapter seat.

AP8000 Universal Programmer

The host supports USB and NET connections, allowing multiple programmers to be networked together to simultaneously control and programme multiple programmers. The built-in chip security circuit ensures that even if the chip is reversed or short-circuited for other reasons, it can be immediately detected and powered off to ensure the safety of the chip and programmer. The embedded high-speed FPGA greatly accelerates data transmission and processing. The back of the host has an SD card slot, where engineering files created by PC software can be placed in the root directory of the SD card and inserted into the slot. Through the buttons on the programmer, engineering files can be selected, loaded, and programming commands can be executed, achieving the purpose of operation without a PC, greatly reducing PC hardware configuration costs and facilitating rapid adaptation to the working environment.

The AP8000, through the baseboard and adapter board, enhances the expandability of the host. It currently supports devices produced by all mainstream semiconductor manufacturers, including TI, ST, MicroChip, Atmel, Hynix, Macronix, Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. The supported device types include NAND, NOR, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, EMMC, etc., and support various file formats such as Intel Hex, Motorola S, Binary, POF, etc.


Company Introduction


About Huada Semiconductor: Huada Semiconductor (HDSC) is a professional integrated circuit development platform company under China Electronics Corporation (CEC). Focusing on the three major application areas of automotive electronics, industrial control, and the Internet of Things, HDSC has strategically positioned itself in control chips, power semiconductors, high-end analog chips, and security chips, forming a comprehensive chip solution and a strong product matrix, thus establishing a competitive edge in the market.


About Acroview: Acroview is a leading global provider of semiconductor chip programming solutions. The company adheres to the belief that technology changes the world and drives the future with intelligence, continuously creating value for its customers. Acroview's AP8000 universal programmer platform and the latest IPS5000 programming automation solution provide a one-stop solution for customers in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries. The company has served leading global customers including Huawei, BYD, and Foxconn.

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