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AP8000 Universal ic programming software to support programming HDSC Huada Semiconductor's 32-

Time:2023-05-19   Visits:1788

The leader of the chip programming industry - Acroview Technology recently released the latest programming software update and a list of newly supported chip models. Among them, the 32-bit microcontroller MM32F3273G9P of MindMotion, a smart microelectronics device, has been supported by Angko's universal burning platform AP8000.

MM32F3273G9P adopts high-performance Arm ®  Cortex ®- M3 is a 32-bit microcontroller with a core, with a maximum operating frequency of 120MHz, built-in high-speed memory, rich I/O ports, and peripheral connections to external buses. The MM32F3273G9P includes up to 3 12 bit ADCs, 2 comparators, 2 16 bit universal timers, 2 32-bit universal timers, 2 16 bit basic timers, and 2 16 bit advanced timers. It also includes standard communication interfaces: 2 I2C interfaces, 3 I2S interfaces, 3 SPI interfaces, 1 USB OTG full speed interface, 1 CAN interface, 1 SDIO interface, and 8UART interface.

The operating voltage of MM32F3273G9P is 2.0V~5.5V, and the operating temperature range (ambient temperature) includes industrial models ranging from -40 ° C to 85 ° C and extended industrial models ranging from -40 ° C to 105 ° C (tail end V). It is equipped with multiple power-saving working modes to meet the requirements of low-power applications.

Application occasions:

• industrial internet of things equipment

• Alarm system, video intercom, and HVAC system

• Medical and handheld devices

• Motor drive and application control

• PC gaming peripherals and GPS platform

Programmable controllers (PLCs), frequency converters, printers, scanners, etc

production programmer

Product Features:

• 48MHz Cortex-M0+ 32-bit CPU platform

• With flexible power management system, ultra-low power performance

– 0.6μA @ 3V Deep-sleep mode: all clocks off, power-on reset active, IO state retained, IO interrupt active, all registers, RAM, and CPU data save state

– 1.0μA @3V Deep Sleep Mode + RTC Operation

– 8μA @32.768kHz Low speed mode: CPU running, peripherals off, running program from Flash

– 30μA/MHz@3V@24MHz Sleep mode: CPU stopped, peripherals off, main clock running

– 130μA/MHz@3V@24MHz working mode: CPU running, peripherals off, running program from Flash

– 4μs ultra-low power consumption wake-up time, making mode switching more flexible and efficient, and system response more agile

• 256K bytes Flash memory, with erase and write protection function, support ISP, ICP, IAP

• 32K bytes RAM memory with parity to enhance system stability

• General purpose I/O pins (88IO/100PIN, 72IO/80PIN, 56IO/64PIN, 40IO/48PIN, 26IO/32PIN)

• Clock, crystal oscillator

– External high-speed crystal oscillator 4 ~ 32MHz

– External low-speed crystal oscillator 32.768kHz

– Internal high-speed clock 4/8/16/22.12/24MHz

– Internal low speed clock 32.8/38.4kHz

– PLL clock 8 ~ 48MHz

– Hardware supports internal and external clock calibration and monitoring

• Timer/Counter

– Three 1-channel complementary output general-purpose 16-bit timers

– One 3-channel complementary output general-purpose 16-bit timer

– Two low-power 16-bit timers with cascading support

– 1 ultra-low-power pulse counter PCNT, with automatic timing wake-up function in low-power mode, with a maximum timing of 1024 seconds

– Three high-performance 16-bit timer/counters, supporting PWM complementary, dead-time protection function

– 1 programmable 16-bit timer PCA, supports 5-channel capture compare, 5-channel PWM output

– One 20-bit programmable watchdog circuit with built-in dedicated 10kHz oscillator for WDT counting

• Communication Interface

– 4-way UART standard communication interface

– 2-way LPUART low-power communication interface, can work in deep sleep mode

– 2-way SPI standard communication interface

– 2-way I2C standard communication interface

• Buzzer frequency generator with complementary outputs

• Hardware perpetual calendar RTC module

• Hardware CRC16 / CRC32 module

• AES-128/192/256 hardware coprocessor

• TRNG True Random Number Generator

• 2-channel DMAC

• 4*52 / 6*50 / 8*48 LCD driver

• Globally unique 10-byte ID number

• 12-bit 1Msps sampling high-speed and high-precision SARADC with built-in follower to measure signals with high output impedance

• 1-way 12-bit 500Ksps DAC

• Integrate a multifunctional operational amplifier, which can be used as the output buffer of DAC

• Integrated 3-way voltage comparator with 6-bit DAC and programmable comparison reference

• Integrated low voltage detector, configurable 16-level comparison voltage, can monitor port voltage and power supply voltage

• SWD debug solution, providing a full-featured debugger

• Operating conditions: -40 ~ 85°C, 1.8 ~ 5.5V

• Package form: LQFP100/80/64/48, QFN32

chip programming

Internal block diagram

The AP8000 universal ic programmer machine independently developed by Acroview Technology includes three parts: the host, the base plate, and the adapter seat.

AP8000 Universal  ic programming software

The host supports USB and NET connections, allowing multiple IC Programmers to be networked to achieve the purpose of simultaneously controlling multiple programming chip to programming at the same time. The built-in chip safety protection circuit ensures that even if the chip is reversed or a short circuit caused by other reasons can be detected immediately and the power will be cut off to ensure the safety of the chip and programmer. Embedded high-speed FPGA greatly accelerates data transmission and processing. There is an SD card slot on the back of the main unit. Put the project file produced by the PC software into the root directory of the SD card and insert it into the card slot. The project file can be selected, loaded, and programmed through the buttons on the programmer. command, in order to achieve the purpose of operating without PC, which greatly reduces the cost of PC hardware configuration, and can be conveniently and quickly matched with the working environment.

AP8000 makes the mainframe more expandable by adding an adapter board to the backplane. Currently, it supports devices produced by all mainstream semiconductor manufacturers, including TI, ST, MicroChip, Atmel, Hynix, Macronix, Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. Supported device types include NAND, NOR, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, EMMC, etc., and support file formats including Intel Hex, Motorola S, Binary, POF, etc.

Company Profile

About Huada Semiconductor: Huada Semiconductor (HDSC) is a professional integrated circuit development platform company under China Electronics Corporation (CEC), focusing on the three major application areas of automotive electronics, industrial control, and the Internet of Things, focusing on the layout of control chips, Power semiconductors, high-end analog chips and security chips form an overall chip solution, forming a highly competitive product matrix and comprehensive solutions.

About Acroview Technology: ACROVIEW is Global Leader of Semicondutor Automatic Programming solutions. The company insists on changing the world with technology, driving the future with intelligence, and continuously creating value for customers. Angke's AP8000 universal programmer platform and the latest IPS5000 programming automation solution provide one-stop solutions for customers in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing fields. The company has served global leading customers including Huawei, BYD, Foxconn and so on.

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