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Acroview AP8000 universal chip programmer update to support the programming of INGCHIPS' low-po

Time:2023-05-29   Visits:1806

The leader in the chip programming industry-Acroview Technology recently released the latest production programmer software update and a list of newly supported chip models. Among them, the low-power Bluetooth SoC chip ING91880C of INGCHIPS Taoxin Technology has been adopted by Acroview’s general programming platform AP8000 supported.

ING91880C integrates a full-featured proprietary IP that fully complies with the Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 protocol standard, including Modem, Link Layer Controller, and Host. It also integrates high-performance 32bit RISC MCU, built-in 512KB flash, low-power PMU, various peripheral interfaces, and high-performance low-power Bluetooth radio frequency. The transmit power of ING91880C ranges from -28dBm to +6.5dBm, and the receive sensitivity is -102dBm@LR S8 mode, -97dBm@1M mode.

ING91880C provides a completely open SDK, supports Keil, IAR, Segger and other IDE platforms, supports C, C++, Nim and other development languages, supports Windows, Linux, MacOS three major operating systems, supports graphical project wizards and data editing, and includes More than 30 kinds of open source software application examples.

ING91880C can adapt to different applications through customized development of software and hardware, such as ultra-low power consumption applications, precise positioning, industrial interconnection, agricultural interconnection, mesh network, home sensing, etc.

Automatic programmer

Main features:

• Supports full Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 features

– Support all 4 physical layer rates 125Kb/s, 500Kb/s, 1Mb/s and 2Mb/s

– Support 4 times distance characteristic S2 and S8 codec

– Support broadcast extension

– Support 2 frequency hopping algorithms CSA#1 and CSA#2

– Support main channel random broadcast

– Support AoA and AoD direction finding and positioning

• Built-in 48MHz 32bit RISC processor with 8KB cache and 2-wire SWD debug interface

• Built-in 512KB embedded FLASH, support embedded programming

• 128KB system memory

• 18/13 configurable GPIOs, configured as GPIO, UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, etc. according to user needs

– UARTO is the system control interface

– UART1/SPI0/SPI1/I2C0/I2C1/PWM can be used with various sensor peripherals, general-purpose peripherals, etc.

– Each GPIO pin can be arbitrarily mapped to different functional interfaces

• RF characteristics

– 2.400-2.484GHz, GFSK modulation

– Sensitivity is -102dBm@125Kbps

– Output power -28dBm to +6.5dBm

– frequency hopping

– Built-in PLL

– Analog RSSI 1dBm accuracy measurement

– Automatic VCO & RX filter fine tuning

• Power range

– External power supply 1.62-3.63V

– Core voltage: typical application 0.9V

• Adapt to temperature -40°~125°(junction temperature)

• Low power mode

– Receive current: 6mA

– Transmit current (0dBm): 6.5mA

– Low power mode average current (500ms wake-up): 50uA

– Low power sleep mode average current (memory retention): 5uA

– Low power sleep mode average current (non-memory retention): 1.5uA

• Support different clock modes

– External 48M crystal

– External 32.768KHz crystal, super long sleep application

– Internal 32KHz RC clock, normal application

• Physical layer and signaling link layer characteristics

– Support AMBA AHB interface

– Support 128-AES/CCM encryption and decryption

– Support link layer broadcast, data, control frame processing

– Support packet CRC and whitening processing

– Supports framing and synchronization of all BLE events

– Support extended broadcast, periodic broadcast

– Support multi-broadcast set (support up to 1650 bytes)

– Support master-slave multi-connection (SDK example defaults to 8 connections, the number of connections is configurable)

– Supports hybrid configurations for all states and roles of the Bluetooth standard

• Integrated fully automatic power management

– POR and BOR

– LDOs


– DPVFS adaptive management engine

• Built-in hardware modem, configurable channel filtering, support physical layer control such as AGC, DC, and RSSI measurement

• RTC timer

• 10-bit ADC

• Two 32-bit general-purpose timers

• 1 watchdog timer

• On-chip boot software, supports OTA

• Small package

– OFN40 package: 5mm x 5mm x 0.75mm, pitch 0.4mm

– OFN32 package: 4mm x 4mm x 0.75mm, pitch 0.4mm

– WLCSP package: 2.8mm x 2.8mm, pitch 0.4mm

• Single chip solution

– ING9188 MCU is open to users as a Bluetooth protocol processor and application processor

– Provide users with a concise, clean and optimized API

• The software can flexibly configure device roles, including all Bluetooth protocol roles, such as broadcast roles, scan roles, central roles, peripheral roles, etc.

– ING9188 can tailor the software to adapt to the minimum software set to achieve ultra-low power consumption applications

– ING9188 can be configured to only support Link layer software to adapt to external hosts for device control through HCI, such as Bluetooth dongle applications

• SDK built-in 30+ kinds of software reference design source code

– Standard SIG Mesh solution

– OTA example

– AoA/AoD precise positioning example

– Other classic applications include: beacons, temperature and humidity, three-axis sensing, master-slave integration, high-speed throughput, long-distance, etc.

Application Scenario

• Indoor precise positioning and navigation, positioning beacons

• Medical monitoring positioning system

• Industrial interconnection, data acquisition

• Industrial wearable

• Smart Meter System

• Bicycles, electric vehicles, automotive applications

• Agriculture, animal husbandry temperature and humidity collection

• Portable devices such as printers

• Fitness sports equipment, personal wearables

• Smart home

• Smart buildings such as Mesh lighting

• Home security, door lock alarm

• Smart city facilities

• Gamepad, keyboard and mouse, etc.

chip programmer 

Functional block diagram

The AP8000 universal ic programmer independently developed by Acroview Technology includes three parts: the host, the base plate, and the adapter seat.

                                          SG3000 universal eprom programmer

The host supports USB and NET connections, allowing multiple universal ecu programmer to be networked to achieve the purpose of simultaneously controlling multiple programmers to burn at the same time. The built-in chip safety protection circuit ensures that even if the chip is reversed or a short circuit caused by other reasons can be detected immediately and the power will be cut off to ensure the safety of the chip and programmer. Embedded high-speed FPGA greatly accelerates data transmission and processing. There is an SD card slot on the back of the main unit. Put the project file produced by the PC software into the root directory of the SD card and insert it into the card slot. The project file can be selected, loaded, and burned through the buttons on the programmer. command, in order to achieve the purpose of operating without PC, which greatly reduces the cost of PC hardware configuration, and can be conveniently and quickly matched with the working environment.

AP8000 makes the mainframe more expandable by adding an adapter board to the backplane. Currently, it supports devices produced by all mainstream semiconductor manufacturers, including TI, ST, MicroChip Programmer, Atmel, Hynix, Macronix, Micron, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. Supported device types include NAND, NOR, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, EMMC, etc., and support file formats including Intel Hex, Motorola S, Binary, POF, etc.

Company Profile

About Texas Instruments: Texas Instruments (Texas Instruments, referred to as: TI) is the largest manufacturer of analog circuit technology components in the world, and a world-renowned semiconductor multinational company. Research, manufacture and sales of innovative digital signal processing and analog circuits. In addition to the semiconductor business, it also provides solutions including sensing and control, educational products and digital light source processing. Texas Instruments is the world's largest manufacturer of digital signal processors (DSP) and analog circuit components, and its analog and digital signal processing technologies have a dominant position in the world.

About ACROVUEW Technology: ACROVIEW is the world's leading provider of semiconductor chip programming solutions. The company insists on changing the world with technology, driving the future with intelligence, and continuously creating value for customers. Acroview's AP8000 universal programmer platform and the latest IPS5000 programming automation solution provide one-stop solutions for customers in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing fields. The company has served global leading customers including Huawei, BYD, Foxconn and so on.

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