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Acroview-Automatic Programming Solutions provider

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Nowadays, as China's demographic dividend is gradually diluted, the labor cost in the manufacturing process is constantly rising. The electronics industry is no exception, so the trend of replacing manual labor with automatic equipment is inevitable. In the field of our chip programming, it is also very obvious that automatic programming equipment is rapidly becoming the mainstream of the market.

Automatic chip programming equipment, according to its different process arrangements in SMT, is divided into offline bare-chip programming machine and online on-board programming. Offline programming means that after the chip is programmed and tested, it is mounted on the SMT line. The online on-board programming, as the name suggests, is to program on the PCBA through the debugging/programming interface after the chip is mounted.

Acroview's IPS series off-line bare-chip automatic programming machine, which is widely loved by customers, is highly praised by customers for its versatility, high efficiency, high speed and stability.

    • Up to 8 AP8000 universal programmers can be equipped to programmer 64 chips at the same time;

    • Ultra-high production efficiency: UPH 3000

    • Four suction nozzles take and place at the same time (IC does not affect UPH within 40S of programming time) and take into account the accuracy of picking and placing and ultra-quiet

    • Support programming of WLCSP and various extremely small size packages

    • Docking MES manufacturing execution system makes the production process controllable and traceable


Acroview integrates 20 years of chip processing technology accumulated by the three major R&D centers in Shenzhen, Taipei, and Japan. The automaton platform structure is mature and stable. At the same time, it keeps up with market demand and continues to optimize programming efficiency, speed, and stability. The products are widely favored by customers.

The X-axis and Y-axis motion of the automaton adopt ultra-high-speed servo motor system. The developed S-curve acceleration and deceleration control algorithm can greatly improve the stability and quietness of the system while taking into account the high-speed motion performance.

The exquisite and lightweight design of the chip pick-up mechanism (PPZ) greatly reduces the motion impact of the system, thus achieving ultra-high chip pick-and-place accuracy. IPS5000 can support high-precision picking and placing of chips with a minimum size of 1.0X1.5mm.

At the same time, Acroview's chip pick-up mechanism (PPZ) integrates Acroview's patented technology of real-time stacking detection mechanism, combined with triple detection methods such as automatic detection by programmer and optical inspection by camera, it can prevent empty programming caused by stacking , Leakage programming phenomenon.

IPS5000 has a total of 5 sets of high-precision industrial camera components, a set of down-illuminated cameras is responsible for the positioning of the work site (programming seat, feeder, roll-out, tray, etc.), and 4 sets of top-illuminated cameras are used for automatic positioning of chips. Due to the existence of gaps between packaging materials such as trays and reels and the outer contour of the chip, the chip incoming material must be repositioned after being picked up from the packaging to ensure ultra-high accuracy when it is put into the programming socket , in order to increase the output rate and reduce the quality loss rate. Acroview's self-developed chip outline positioning algorithm can achieve ultra-high positioning accuracy in a very short computing time. The photos taken by 4 sets of cameras can be positioned at the same time, which supports the high-efficiency simultaneous retrieval and simultaneous placement of 4 chips.

Many automatic tray systems on the market place materials on the same tray. During the operation of the machine, there are not only unprogrammed materials, but also programmed and inspected products in the same tray. This is not allowed in many applications that have strict requirements on product quality. Acroview's automatic tray system strictly distinguishes the feeding and discharging areas, and prevents mixing of materials under any circumstances.

The automatic unwinding mechanism is another difficult point to test the automation of universal device programmer. It not only requires high accuracy of chip placement, but also requires dot accuracy, appearance, and even the beauty of the heat-sealed/cold-sealed transparent cover tape. Onco's automatic unwinding mechanism is not only designed and optimized for commonly used functions, but also considers the safety of personnel when adapting to the whole machine. For example, both the unwinding mechanism and the automatic tray system are made of a drawer structure, so that the head will not enter the inside of the machine when the operator loads and unloads materials and overhauls, ensuring the safety of the operator to the greatest extent.

At the same time, the ease of use and operation convenience of the software are also the focus of the design of the human-computer interaction interface of the automatic machine. According to the requirements of production site management, different functional personnel (managers, engineers, operators) are also separated from confidentiality and functional restrictions. At the same time, it also supports biometric identification modes such as face recognition and fingerprints, avoiding simple passwords The actual production responsibility management is out of control.

The management of the industrial production system requires not only strict process and quality control, but also a set of effective equipment data management system and information traceability system. Angke IPS series automatic burning machine, in the local area with complete burning data In addition to the intelligent storage (log file) function, it can also provide MES docking support, so that the burning process of each chip can be recorded smoothly, and the production process data can be uploaded to the cloud in real time.

At the same time, the docking with the MES system can also realize the real "one-click programming" function. Not only the distribution of programming data no longer depends on the traditional data copy mode, but also the effectiveness of programming data and the control of production quantity can be controlled through Complete control and recording of work orders and log data. This is especially important in outsourcing processing of PCBA.

After talking about the off-line die burner, let’s talk about the online on-board burner. The online on-board programmering burns the PCBA board. At this time, the chip has been soldered to the control board. Generally, when the main control chip needs to correspond to the PCB code, or when the external memory needs to be paired with the main control (such as eFUSE programming), an online on-board programming machine must be required.

The equipment is generally placed after reflow soldering, wave soldering or board loading machine, or before the online board splitting machine to realize real streamlined automation.

 • Connect multiple AP8000s through the network port to achieve simultaneous/asynchronous programming of more than 128+ boards

 • Can be connected to MES system

 • Equipped with a code scanning gun, automatically match the programming file according to the product barcode

 • Detachable needle bed for fast thread change (thread change time < 10 minutes)

 • Adopting the European standard SMEMA pipeline interface, it can be easily connected with the upper level and lower level automatic production equipment

 • Defective product alarm function; if it is connected to an online splitter, it can automatically separate defective products

 • With error prevention function, avoid UUT misplacement or wrong direction of the board, and reduce losses


Let’s summarize again, according to the different arrangements of the SMT process, the chip can be programmed on the bare chip before placement, or it can be programmed on the board through the on-board communication interface after placement. Acroview's IPS series automatic programmers provide offline bare-chip programming solutions, and Onco can also provide online on-board programmers for applications that require the binding of PCB control boards and main chips. Welcome everyone to call!

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